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female engineer smiling at an operational site

By developing new, innovative technologies, we are discovering oil and gas reservoirs that were previously invisible, whether they’re hidden under thick salt layers beneath the seabed, or trapped within complex rock structures.

Our Upstream business focuses on exploring land and seas across the globe to reach those increasingly hard-to-find energy resources in order to help meet the world’s growing energy demand. It also markets and transports oil and gas, and operates the infrastructure necessary to deliver them to market.

Example careers in Upstream include:?General Engineering, Production Engineering, Process Engineering, Petroleum Engineering, Operations & Maintenance.


Female customer smiling at a Shell retail station.

Shell as an ‘engineering company’ is only half our story. The expertise and support of our commercial business teams enable us to successfully refine, transport, and deliver products to our customers around the world.

Our Downstream organisation is where we refine oil and other feedstocks into a range of valuable products to market and sell around the world. It’s an exciting and ever-changing environment, cutting across all areas of our operations, from refining oil and gas to selling our products.

Example careers in Downstream include:?Sales & Marketing, Commercial & Retail, Customer Operations, Trading, Operations & Maintenance, Chemical Engineering, Process Engineering, General Engineering.

New Energies

Man refuelling car at a Shell hydrogen refuelling station.

The global energy system is changing. A planet destined for more people and rising living standards will need more energy. But the world must also find ways to reduce carbon emissions and tackle climate change. Shell’s New Energies business focuses on new fuels and power.

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Example careers in New Energies include:?Sales & Marketing, Business Development Ventures, General Engineering, Project Engineering.

Integrated Gas

A Shell offshore rig with a rainbow in the background.

We are helping to meet?growing global energy demand and limit CO2 emissions by producing more, cleaner-burning natural gas. Natural gas powers, heats and cools industries, homes and businesses. It fuels trucks and ships, as an alternative to diesel and heavy fuel oil. Plus, it goes into many everyday essentials.

Integrated Gas (IG) manages our liquefied natural gas (LNG) activities and the production of gas-to-liquids (GTL) fuels and other products.

Example careers in Integrated Gas include:?Sales & Marketing, Commercial & Retail, Production Engineering, General Engineering, Operations & Maintenance.

Projects & Technology

A Shell refinery at night.

The realisation of Shell’s business strategy depends on these capabilities: excellent planning, designing, engineering and constructing; developing emerging technologies into innovative business solutions; and driving high quality, high performing operations.

Our Projects & Technology organisation manages the delivery of our major projects and drives research and innovation to develop new technology solutions.

Example careers in Projects & Technologies include:?Research & Development, Information Technology, Commercial & Retail, Geoscience, Petroleum Engineering, Process Engineering, Well Engineering.

Trading & Supply

Two traders at Shell working together and smiling.

We market a portion of our share of equity production of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and trade LNG volumes around the world. Plus, we also market and trade natural gas, power and carbon-emission rights, mainly in North America and Europe. Shell’s Trader Development Programme (TDP) could be your passport to a successful career with the world’s largest energy trading business.

Example careers in Trading & Supply include:?Trading Analysts/Operations, Accounting, Banking, Risk Management

Global Functions

Shell employees in London huddled around a laptop.

Shell is a market-leading innovator in every area of its business and our corporate functions are no exception. All of our businesses require the very best support in areas such as Human Resources, Finance, Contracting and Procurement, Information Technology and Legal.

Career opportunities in Global Functions: Human Resources, Finance, Contracting and Procurement, Information Technology, Legal, Government and External Relations.

Shell Business Operations

Female Shell employee looking up at a colleague and smiling.

Shell Business Operations (SBO) forms the operational backbone of business processes, helping deliver Shell's business solutions across the globe. With a focus on driving excellent corporate performance, so that Shell can succeed in a globally competitive and ever-changing business environment.

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Example careers in Shell Business Operations include:?Human Resources, Finance, Contracting and Procurement, Information Technology, Legal

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